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Starting November 1, 2023, the Executive Committee has decided to defer any nominations from President Davis, and no additional vacancies will be filled until a later determined time.


Assistant - Secretary

The duties of the Assistant Secretary shall be: To perform the duties of the Secretary in his/her absence, unavailability or disability. The Assistant Secretary may perform specific duties of the Secretary under the supervision of the Secretary. The Duties are the following: 

  • To act as Secretary of the NAACP Unit and the Executive Committee; to give members notice of regular meetings and three (3) calendar days notice of special meetings of the NAACP Unit and Executive Committee; to keep full and accurate records of the proceedings of the NAACP Unit and of the Executive Committee and record the same in a minute book or minute books, provided that, in NAACP Units employing paid staff, the responsibility of giving the membership required notice of meetings shall be discharged by said staff under the oversight of the Secretary.

  • To keep a record of all NAACP Unit members and their dues, provided that wherever paid staff is employed such duties shall be discharged by said staff under the oversight of the Secretary

  • To give receipts for all membership fees received and to transmit such fees to the NAACP Unit Treasurer; to send promptly to the Association lists of all membership fees received; and to secure from the Treasurer and forward to the Association that portion of membership fees due to the Association.

  • To aid, coordinate and integrate the work of the several committees and divisions of the NAACP Unit, provided that wherever an Executive Director is employed such duties shall be discharged by said Executive Director.

  • To submit reports to the NAACP Unit and the Executive Committee at all regular meetings, or whenever required by either body, covering the status of the NAACP Unit and its activities since the date of the last report; to submit to the NAACP Unit at its annual meeting an annual report of the status and activities of the NAACP Unit, provided that, where an Executive Director is employed, such duties shall be discharged by said Executive Director. The Director shall forward a copy of all reports, when adopted by the NAACP Unit, to the Association.

  • To keep the President and CEO of the Association informed of all events affecting the interests of minority groups in the vicinity of the NAACP Unit, and to submit to the Association, whenever required by the Association, a report on NAACP Unit activities, provided that, wherever an Executive Director is employed, such duties shall be discharged by said Executive Director.

  • In conjunction with the President, to sign requisitions for disbursements from the NAACP Unit Treasury and to maintain a file of receipts and disbursements.

  • The Secretary shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee and the Election Supervisory Committee.

  • Keep the President and CEO informed of all events affecting the interests of the Youth in the vicinity of the Youth Unit.

Women In NAACP (WIN) Chair

Women in the NAACP (WIN) is an official committee of the NAACP established to enhance the leadership role of women in the Association, to serve as an advocacy vehicle for issues affecting women and children, to advocate for the positive development of children, and to support the ongoing work of the NAACP and its units, especially civil and cultural activities to enhance membership. Each Region has a coordinator designated as Regional Vice Coordinator, and each state designates a WIN State Chair. Each local NAACP branch may also establish a local WIN chapter.

Armed Services and Veterans’ Affairs Chair

The Committee on Armed Services and Veterans’ Affairs shall: (1) study conditions pertaining to veterans in the community; (2) serve as a center of information on material issued affecting African American veterans; (3) serve as a source of information to veterans and their families seeking information on government agencies serving veterans and; (4) receive and act on all veterans’ complaints relative to discrimination on account of race, color or creed, or denial of benefits in local areas because of discrimination.

Freedom Fund Chair

The Freedom Fund Committee shall: (1) plan and conduct fundraising activities, including entertainments and other projects, for local and national purposes within the scope of the associations program; (2) work closely with finance committee; (3) plan fund raising affairs to raise your Freedom Fund assessment; (4) decide early in the year the type of affair(s) it will not schedule conflicting affairs. (See “fund – raising manual for NAACP branches).”

Chair of the Standing Committees

Chair of the Standing Committees works directly with the President and all other Standing Committee Chairs to execute deliverables that have derived from standing committees. 

Housing Chair

The Housing Committee shall: (1) study housing conditions in the local community; (2) receive and seek to adjust complaints of discrimination; (3) oppose all restrictive practices whether public or private and; (4) disseminate information and render such other assistance which may eliminate discrimination in housing. 

ACT-SO Chair

TheACT-SO Program is a major project of the NAACP, providing an instrument through which African-American youth are encouraged and inspired toward excellence in academic and cultural pursuits while benefiting from the maximum support of their community.  ACT-SO affords the same respect for African-American Scholastic and cultural achievement that is given to heroes.  The ACT-SO committee plans and conducts the annual ACT-SO academic competitions for students in grades nine (9) through twelve (12) in accordance with the published guidelines of the National NAACP Office and oversight of the National Director of the ACT-SO Program.

Criminal Justice Chair

The Committee on Criminal Justice seeks to: (1) eliminate harsh and unfair sentencing practices that are responsible for mass incarceration and racial disparities in the prison system, (2) support and seek to increase trust and public safety by advancing effective law enforcement practices, (3) fightfor the restoration of the voting rights of formerly incarcerated people and the removal of barriers to employment, (4) elevate the voices of crime victims in order to identify and advance systemic breakdowns existing in the criminal justice system that perpetuate crime, (5) end the war on drugs for its disproportionate collateral consequences harm in communities of color, (6) the institution and availability of alternatives to incarceration, including education, employment, and mental health services, (7)eliminate zero tolerance policies implemented in our schools which are keeping children out of the classroom and putting them on a path from the schoolhouse to the jailhouse, (8) investigate programs implemented in local law enforcement agencies which derail them from their main purpose of safety and order, and (9) seek budget modifications in states where incarceration receives more funding than education.

Young Adult Chair

The Committee on Young Adult shall consist of Branch members twenty-one (21)-forty (40) years of age. It shall be the function of the Committee to: (1) support all branchactivities; (2) stimulate interest through advocacy training and solicit membership of twenty-one (21)-forty (40) years of age; (3) create a mentorship program (Branch to Young Adults and Young Adults to Youth Units) to serve as a support bridge from Youth and College to Branch participation; (4) provide networking and social opportunities for young adults in the local community; and (S) encourage the participation of young adults in all activities and leadership within the Branch.

Legal Redress Chair

The Legal Redress Committee shall: (1) investigate all cases reported to it; (2) supervise all litigation in which the branch is interested and; (3) keep the national office and the branch informed on the progress of every case. It shall not give legal advice.

Youth  Works Chair

Assist Youth Councils and College Chapters in achievement of NAACP goals…The Committee on Youth Work shall consist of youth council (s) Advisor (s) , the youth council (s) President (s) , and five (5) persons appointed by the Branch President. The Youth council Advisor shall chair the committee.

At-Large Member

Serving as an At-Large Member hold no official responsibilities as a Standing Committee Chair, but share in the responsibilities as the entire Executive Committee

Environmental & Climate Chair

The Committee of Environmental & Climate works to reduce [pollutants] emissions, including greenhouse gases, with advocacy to strengthen development, monitoring, and enforcement of regulations at federal, state, and local levels. promote energy efficiency and clean energy solutions that equitably provide good, local jobs. ensure that our community is equipped to engage in sustainability/climate action planning that integrates policies and practices that advance food justice, transportation equity, upholds civil and human rights in emergency management, and facilitates

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  • A Member in Good Standing

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